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Nurtured by Mother Nature. Naturally

Rodrigues Winery is located in Markland, just off the Trans Canada Highway on Route 81, approximately 80 kms from St. John's.

When the new medical clinic was built to service the area in 1986, Markland's Historic Cottage Hospital was purchased by Dr. Hillary Rodrigues and his wife, Marie-France, it was to become the home of Newfoundland's first winery.

As with any new business, extensive renovations took place and from humble beginnings in 1993 with hand filtering, bottling and corking, the first offering of 300 cases of the flagship Blueberry wine was produced for sale in Newfoundland. It was completely sold out in less than one week.

Shannon Tweed with her husband, Gene Simmons and winery General Manager Lionel Rodrigues at the winery, where Shannon was born.

Shannon Tweed, Gene Simmons,


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